Learn More About Popular Baccarat Variations

While its exact origins are still being debated today, it’s generally agreed that Baccarat has been with us since at least the 1400s. It’s gained a huge following the world over in the hundreds of years since and all the different countries where it’s been played have contributed something to the game.

The basic rules of all these different variations remain the same. Players’ aim to get a Natural Nine or Natural Eight in the first two cards dealt or draw a third card to get closer to Nine. But there are minor differences that those who enjoy Baccarat will appreciate in the different types.

The lowest score is zero, which is what Baccarat means, and Aces count as one point each. Picture cards are 10 points, 10s are zero, and the rest of the cards are worth the value they show, so a 2 card is worth two points.

Baccarat Banque

In this version, one of the players takes the role of the Banker for the entire game, instead of everyone taking turns like they do in Chemin de Fer. It is also played with just three decks of cards instead of the usual eight and it offers higher maximum bet limits to players.

Chemin de Fer

This is the French version of https://casinositescanada.net/baccarat/, which literally translates to The Iron Path but is more commonly interpreted to The Road or The Railway. It is played with six decks and all players will get a chance to be the Banker. This kind of active participation in the unfolding action is perhaps the root for its popularity!

Cards are distributed facing down instead of up and players choose whether or not to draw a third one. Whoever makes the biggest bet goes first, everyone else subsequently, and the Banker’s moves are dependent on what the Player does.

People fell in love with Chemin de Fer thanks in part to James Bond’s enjoyment of it. The Secret Servant Agent made it look very easy to get Natural Nines and Natural Eights and further contributed to the game’s air of glamour and sophistication. You can see the suave 007 enjoying it in the Dr No, GoldenEye, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and Thunderball films.

Mini Baccarat

It’s all in the name with this version and Mini Baccarat is very popular in Asia and the United States. Its most attractive quality, especially at online casinos, is the low bet minimum. But what also sets it apart is that the shoe doesn’t get passed around, so gameplay is a lot faster, which is great when you’re strapped for time.

Punto Bunco

When Baccarat made its way down into Argentina and then Cuba after being roundly rejected by American players in the 1950s, the Punto Banco variation emerged. This version of Baccarat allows for the most players at one time, with as many as 14 being catered to, and between six and eight decks are used.

Players don’t get to decide on the third card in Punto Banco, it’s dealt in accordance with the rules.