The NBL Betting Guide for Punters Online

The NBL Betting Guide

The National Basketball League (NBL) is a league of semi-professional basketball players in New Zealand.  The NBL New Zealand has 7 teams who come from various areas in New Zealand.  There have been a few financial issues with the league, but over the last while the league has seen big improvements and some of their players have found their way onto the Australian National Basketball League and the coveted NBA.

NBL Betting Online

Betting on the NBL has been made much easier with the introduction of online sportsbetting.  Understanding the different types of NBL bets and using NBL betting tips will help New Zealand punters choose the right bet.  Punters should become familiar with each bet as well as the odds for each one.

Factors to Consider when Placing NBL Bets

Every New Zealand punter will have their favourite team, but if the odds are against the team they should rather bet on the team that has the potential for winning.  Punters should look at the stats and make a decision based on accurate information, which can be found online.

Punters should also take note of the starting line up, it is important that the best players in the team are in the line-up.  This will avoid punters the disappointment of placing a bet early in the game and then discover that the best player in the team is injured.

Placing NBL Bets

Although betting trends are helpful and definitely worth looking at they are not necessarily the only information to use when placing a bet.  How teams have performed in the past does not really determine how these teams will play in future games.  It does happen that there are some teams that always dominate, but the NBL can be a game of sudden upsets where the underdog grabs a win much to everyone’s surprise.

New Zealand punters should look out for sportsbetting sites that offer value bets.  These would include games with a weak line, this usually happens when there are many games being posted.  Punters should take advantage of these.  Another good NBL tip is to only place a bet on some of the games, which means that punters can pick and choose which bets to place without depleting their bankroll.

For punters who usually play short underdogs if the line is +1, +2 or +3 it is probably a better option to try the moneyline bet as this type of NBL bet has a larger payout and pays out more regularly.  Punters should however not place a moneyline bet if they are betting on the favourite to win, as a loss could be a difficult one to come back from.

Like punters researching before the Cox Plate betting, a good NBL tip is to study the turnovers and points that are scored, as it is the teams with the most points, which will ultimately win the game.  The higher the turnover percentage the better it is for the punter if they are betting against the spread.  For shots that are played closer to the hoop the percentages are usually higher which does make it much easier when placing a bet.

For most New Zealand punters betting on the NBL is about the win.  The key to successful NBL betting is to be disciplined and to set the amount of money to be played with.  A good tip is not to bet more that 3% of the amount on only one bet.  Being disciplined will definitely pay off.