How To Get Back To Gambling For Fun

A famous professional gambler once said that when to start gambling and when to quit gambling is easy to determine because of the answer being locked up in a shared formula, and that is whether or not the player experiences gambling as a fun activity.

Casinos, contrary to a gospel of gambling doom-and-gloom typically preached by anti-gambling activists, aren’t interested in seeing any player “lose all their money”. Because when you really think about it, this would be really bad for business! Instead, the idea is to create a fun experience where players can come to enjoy themselves, let their hair down, and have fun.

What Fun Isn’t

Having fun doesn’t include betting more money than you can afford parting with, or worrying about chasing losses, or even pounding away aimlessly at slot machines in an attempt to merely pass time. And really – most hobbies require at least some money to be spent. Consider, for example, the collecting of coins vs. enjoying playing casino games. Both of these activities offer opportunities to show a profit, but showing a profit isn’t the only reason anyone ever starts to collect coins or play games. The main reason is to have fun.

Not only does gambling firstly for fun and secondly for whatever other reason remove the potential for disappointment from the equation, but with fun being the primary goal, no player will ever leave the casino at a loss.

What To Quit Doing

The first thing to quit doing once you’ve decided to adopt a “having fun gambling” approach, is to stop professing the casino to have all the power, players being at the mercy of the house edge, and so on, and so forth.

Since players have numerous advantages over the house even before arriving at the casino or logging into an online gaming account, the reality of the matter is quite the opposite. The player decides which game to play, and which type of bet to make – not the casino. The player decides how much to bet, and even how long to spend betting on a specific game – not the casino. The player even gets to decide whether or not to visit the casino in the first place!

Secondly, quit being a crybaby. Crybabies – and this goes for all areas of life and work and play and love – are never, ever, happy. A crybaby will never be happy until every last bet made is a winning bet. There’s no pleasing a crybaby.

What To Start Doing

It’s no coincidence that most negative-Nellies never accomplish much of anything. This applies also to gambling and to having fun gambling.

The truth is that there’s a lot of fun to be had at the casino. Not only will you meet some really interesting people around the games tables, but there are often cool competitions and promos to enter and make use of.

And just imagine how much fun it will be when you do come up with that perfect Blackjack strategy and are able to show off your skills on the felt? You’ll be the envy of the town, for sure! It doesn’t get any more fun than that.