Great Books Written About Casinos & Gambling

Some superbly entertaining books have been written about casinos and gambling and Las Vegas. And the sheer variety of available topics is absolutely astounding – ranging from books about winning to books about scams, and even books about history’s famous and infamous gamblers.

In fact, the theme has been covered by enough phenomenal authors and storytellers, that it has become a near-impossible feat narrowing them all down to a shortlist of all-time favourites. And so, the following is a list of just some of favourite books – in no particular order – written about Vegas and casinos.


“Trumped! : the inside story of the real Donald Trump – his cunning rise and spectacular fall”, is a book by John R. O’Donnell, and co-authored by James Rutherford.

In Trumped!, O’Donnell shares with the reader some details about the three years he spent helping U.S. President Donald Trump run his Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino. O’Donnell writes about how he had at only 32 first started working for Trump at his Atlantic City casino, and how the first words Trump had directed at him were part of a phrase along the lines of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino being the best place in the world to work at, and he (Trump) being the best boss in the world to work for.

He writes on a variety of interesting and sometimes even downright juicy topics, including Donald Trump’s constant pre-occupation with Steve Wynn, his habit of piggy-backing on the success of his real estate-mogul father, and a weird need to have his name printed on just about everything he owned.

The Frugal Gambler

Authored by Jean Scott, a woman best known for being an advantage comp hustler of note and widely regarded to be the queen of the casino comp, “The Frugal Gambler” covers a variety of topics all somehow related to how to go about making the most out of comps, clubs, promos and general freebies offered to players by the casino.

If anything, the book is a refreshing and insightful take on taking advantage of everything, but the actual games played in a typical casino, which makes for some really interesting reading.

King Of Vegas’ Guide To Gambling

Authored by none other than the man once hailed the King of Vegas himself, Wayne Allyn Root, “The King Of Vegas’ Guide To Gambling: how to win big at poker casino gambling & life!” is as comprehensive a look at casinos and winning at casino games and sports betting as you’re ever going to be likely to lay your hands on and read.

The book covers a wide array of insightful topics, including mastering the art of risk, a complete guide

to “contrarian” sports betting, and even an entire part dedicated to the inherent joy of risk and how

to become one of the world’s greatest gamblers.