Four Main Types Of Casino Gamblers

In order to succeed at just about anything, its important to constantly subject our own expectations to a healthy and regular reality-check. And aside from a winning bit of information being that of avoiding the harboring of unrealistic expectations when gambling, cultivating a certain self-awareness about where we are on the ladder of progress at any given time throughout our journey is also crucial in our quest to better ourselves at our chosen casino game.

But in order to successfully measure any type of progress, it’s important to first have a standard for comparison. And when it comes to measuring our progress as efficient and successful gamblers, the so-called pyramid of gamblers is as effective a standard as any.

Level 1 – The Bottom Or Base

The base of the pyramid, or Level 1, consists of those gamblers who can often be seen wondering about the casino in what appears to be a sort of confused daze. The largest group of all, these are the gamblers in search of a win, but without the necessary know-how.

These are sadly also the same gamblers often heard wondering out loud how it is that they could have managed to lose quite a bit of money in a short space of time. The answer is obviously dead simple: if knowledge is power, then a lack of knowledge must necessarily be the pole-opposite of power.

Players classed as Level 1 players usually don’t really have a set goal in mind when heading out for an evening’s worth of casino gaming fun. And the result is that that they typically come away from such an evening neither a winner nor someone able to report having just spent an evening out having fun.

Level 2 – Enlightenment Arrives

It is at this point important to mention that the difference between remaining stuck on Level 1 vs graduating to Level 2 is a mere shift in perspective. And it is at this point of the proceedings a shift from thinking of gambling as being a game of constantly winning money, to thinking of it as a means toward having a great time.

Delving a little deeper into what a realisation that gambling should be fun has to do with anything, remember that he who has fun obviously wants to spend more time having fun. And since time is money, this is precisely where the importance of a solid money management approach enters into the picture.

Level 3 – Finding Balance

Moving from Level 2 to Level 3 means being no longer satisfied to regard losing money at the casino as a price paid for a fun night out on the town. Level 3 is essentially finding the balance between the entertainment (fun) goal and the money-winning goal. Reaching Level 3 requires gamblers to apply some work and actual effort at becoming good at their chosen game.

Level 4 – Going Pro

Being at the top of the pyramid, Level 4 is the dwelling-place of those gamblers who have turned casinos into actual places of employment. These are typically professional Blackjack and Poker players who are experts at their chosen games.