Beginner Betting Tips For Playing Roulette Online

For those that are new to the casino game scene Roulette is an obvious choice. It is a pleasant to look at game, featuring an exciting spinning wheel, as well as having all of its betting options clearly marked on the table. More attractive still is that placing bets is quick, and getting the results of each bet also a rapid process. What’s not to love?

This is all good and well, but just because Roulette is inviting to newcomers and easy to understand at a glance, it doesn’t mean that the game isn’t still best approached with a bit of smart thinking and strategy. Yes, it can be fun to drop down bets on random favourite numbers, but there is much more to the game than simply throwing caution to the wind.

Understand The Game

First and foremost, it is a good idea to understand Roulette beyond the surface. It is indeed a game about placing bets on where the white ball will land, but this simple prospect can be approached from many angles, given how vast the betting options are.

It should be kept in mind that more than one bet can be placed on the table at a time. Each bet may also be of a differing amount. Additionally, some bets pay out significantly more than others. This means that, with a bit of strategy, smart players will cover as much as the board as possible, while carefully balancing out betting amounts.

With a shrewdly planned bet, there can be a good chance that at least some money will be made back, covering betting amounts. Then, when Lady Luck does finally come along, a huge payout can be earned that will be the player well ahead of any initial expenses.

Example Bet

An example of a smart bet might be to place money on the first, second or third 12, on black or red, and on a lucky number. There is a slightly less than 50% chance that black and red will pay out, which automatically mitigates a fair amount of risk. Though, this bet may not cover all expenses, it helps keep the bankroll floating.

If the first, second or third 12 bet pays out, a small profit may be made, and betting costs can be covered. But when lucky number finally pays out, it will not only cover costs, but also earn a healthy profit.

Patience Is Key

Most important to keep in mind is that Roulette, despite the reputation it has, is a game about patience. Consistently making smart bets over long play sessions is how professionals approach the game. Quick bets on lucky numbers is fun, but comes with enormous amounts of risk.

Smart bets that may not immediately pay out as much may not be as fun, but are certainly a great deal smarter and more likely to give positive long term results.

It should also be kept in mind that there are numerous free betting guides available online, most of which are created by professionals.