Amaya Gaming’s Casino Stud Poker

The world of casinos has constantly been expanding, with variations of games coming into play, as well as developments that enable electronic and online gaming to be easily accessible, even within land-based casinos. Poker is one of the most popular table card games in the casino world, and it has also come to dominate in electronic gaming. Amaya Gaming is no stranger to this world, and has developed numerous poker variations for the video machines. One of these is casino stud poker.

The Casino Stud Poker Game

Casino stud poker is similar to traditional poker in that it is played with five cards and players need to gain the best hand in order to win. The winning poker hands are made up of various high level combinations, such as the Royal Flush or the Full House, and more simple combinations such as Two Pair or Three Pair. In contrast to standard poker, however, casino stud poker is not played against all the other players in the game. Instead, casino stud poker is played only against the house. This match between player and dealer makes this game perfectly suited to the more intimate environment of online or video gaming as it virtually eliminates the requirement of additional players.

The Basics of Casino Stud Poker

To begin a round of casino stud poker, the dealer will hand out five cards to each of the players. One card is turned around, while the four other cards are given directly to the players. Each player may choose to look at his or her own cards. Based on this, players will need to make a judgement on whether they wish to fold or play the hand they have been dealt. If they wish to play the hand, then they will need to place a raise.

Only after all players have made a decision to play or fold will the dealer reveal his cards. These dealer cards are then individually compared to each player’s cards. If the player has the higher hand, he will win. The win is determined according to a set pay table. The top three payouts are a four of a kind, a Straight Flush, and a Royal Flush, the four of a kind will pay out twenty times the original bet. A Straight Flush will pay out fifty times the original bet. Finally, a Royal Flush will pay out one hundred times the original raised bet.

If the dealer has the higher hand, the players will lose all bets placed. The dealer will need at least an ace or a king to qualify to play or a higher online poli poker hand. If the dealer does not achieve this, the ante bet will pay out even money, while the raised bet will be returned to the player.

Poker Strategy

Poker is often seen as a game of skill, and this is no different with casino stud poker. Avid players have come up with certain rules and strategies to increase player’s winning chances. While some of these strategies can get quite complicated, a simple one to follow suggests when to play and when to fold. The general idea is that players should raise and play if they hold at least a pair or even a higher-ranking hand and always fold if they hold anything less than an ace or a king.