Playing Fortune 8 Cat Top 20 Slots with Guide

Fortune 8 Cat Top 20 Slots

Cats are so much more than just domesticated pets. While many western cultures and urban legends believe black cats to be a symbol of bad luck, there are several other cultures out there who believe that our feline friends bring nothing but good fortune. It only seems fitting then that they form the basis of the theme for a number of online slots games, such as Fortune 8 Cat Top 20. This particular game has an oriental theme and gives players no less than 1024 different ways to win. This game is a simple one that was developed by Amaya and affords players of every level of experience the chance to reap significant rewards.

Lucky Chinese Symbols

Of course, the symbols adorning the reels of Fortune 8 Cat Top 20 all fall in line with this specifically oriental theme. These include a Koi fish, crackers, a dancing dragon, a golden frog and a jade tortoise. The wild symbol is represented by the numbers 888. In Chinese numerology, this triple digit is believed to be the luckiest, most fruitful combination of numbers. Should a player manage to spin at least three Chinese crackers on the reels, their lucky 888 wild feature will be triggered. As a whole, these symbols are quite easy to understand, making for a straightforward online slots game without too many twists and turns.

How to Reap the Rewards

There is no specific structure that guides the process of how Fortune 8 Cat Top 20’s rewards are handed out. They are completely random, but the basic principles of this internet slots game can help players ensure that they are on the right track. By matching between three and five symbols, players will be awarded anything along the broad spectrum of five to 100 coins as their prize.

Fortune 8 Cat Internet Based Slot

Bonus Features can Increase Your Winnings

Like most slots at Mac casinos, Fortune 8 Cat Top 20 online slots game offers players three very different bonus features in order to help them secure bigger winnings. The first one, as mentioned above is the 888 wild symbol. This symbol will only ever appear on the second and fourth reels and can substitute any symbols missing from a winning combination. The second bonus feature is that of the scattered fireworks. This feature has dual functionality. It can trigger free spins, as well as instant wins. The third and final bonus feature is the Fortune 8 Cat Top 20 icon. This icon can randomly appear at any point on the second, third and fourth reels. It can instantly replace all the symbols on the screen and then form multiple winning lines.

This online slots game lacks a lot of the structure that is present in numerous games of its kind. However, somehow, Fortune 8 Cat Top 20 still manages to make it work. Even though it is not as rigid as many of its counterparts, this game is a straightforward one that is ideal both for players with a lot of experience, as well as those who haven’t been playing online slots games for that long.