An Introduction to Flowers Touch Online Slots

Introduction to Flowers Touch Online Slots

There is just something about flowers that can immediately brighten one’s day. Their bright, colorful petals and fragrant aromas can bring a smile to someone’s face in a matter of seconds. Couple this with the chance to win some real money, and you will find Flowers Touch online slots game. Created by NetEnt, this game is available throughout the USA at casinos powered by this software brand.

Flowers Touch is optimized to be played on a number of devices, including iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. Below, you will find an introduction to the game detailing its basic structure, bonus features and symbols.

The Structure of the Game

Flowers Touch online slots game has five reels with three rows. With these reels and rows come 30 lines on which players can win. The betting level can be adjusted according to what the needs of the player may be.

The betting level begins at one and moves all the way up to five. Adjusting the bets is a fairly easy practice that can be done by simply navigating the arrow either up or down, depending on which level you wish to bet at. Betting begins at $0.01 and goes up to a maximum bet of $0.50.

Flowers Touch Online Slot Symbols

Flowers Touch Slots Symbols

This online slots game has a double symbols feature, something that not very many games of this kind have. These symbols count for two separate symbols and can help increase a player’s chances of winning. For example, should they spin a single symbol on the second symbol but a double one on the first, it counts as a total of three symbols, which means that the player wins something on that spin.

The game’s symbols, both double and single are represented by several different flowers, including red flowers, pink flowers, Venus Fly Traps, Blue Bells and sunflowers.

Bonus Features

Of course, Flowers Touch online slots game has a number of casino bonuses that can result in higher winnings and free spins for players. The free spins feature has two triggers, represented by the single rain cloud and then the double rain cloud. Should a player spin three or more of either symbol, they will be awarded a multiplier.

On the other hand, should a player spin four or more rain clouds, they will be awarded with a set number of free spins and a multiplier of up to three times per spin.

The blooms in the garden of Flowers Touch online slots game have been optimized to adapt to whichever screen it is played on. Should the game be accessed from an iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet device, it will function just as it should. Furthermore, the fact that this game can be accessed from such devices makes it a convenient one to play. In other words, players can play this game from wherever they want to at any time of the day or night, whether they are in the comfort of their homes or on the bus home from work.