Enjoy All American Multihand Video Poker Online

All American Multihand Video Poker Online

All American Multihand takes NetEnt’s All American Video Poker title, and turns it into a serious potential money-spinner with a top prize of 4,000 coins for a Royal Flush, by allowing the players variable multihand options. Some sites let players play up to 25 hands on each round, while other multihand options rise as high as 100 hands at a time.

Obviously, a bet will have to be placed on all these hands each time they play, so players need to check their funds before they decide how many hands they can afford to bet on at once. However, the fact that any cards held are duplicated across all the hands in play can result in enormous wins, especially when a winning combination is showing even before the draw.

Video Poker Makes the Game Simpler

Online casino enthusiasts have got used to being able to play Video Poker anywhere, anytime via a computer or like mobile pokies fans, on mobile device. Video Poker titles like All American Multihand all have one significant advantage over the table version of the game: Video Poker is a contest between player and house only. There are no opponents to drive up the betting or call their bluff; in fact, because each hand is played for a set wager, with wins laid out on a Pay Table, there is no need for bluffing at all, or even betting, once the hand has been dealt.

Playing All American Multihand Video Poker

Players can Draw Better Cards

To play All American Multihand, as with most Video Poker titles, after making deposits by using credit card etc., a player decides on the number of hands to play, and how much to bet on each. Bets can usually be adjusted over five levels, but of course, the prizes listed on the Pay Table will also be dependent on how much the player is wagering. Players should place the maximum bet on the maximum number of hands if they want to be eligible for the biggest wins. Once the player has bet, five cards are dealt, and the player chooses which they would like to hold. These then become held cards on all the hands in play, and the player draws replacement cards for all the discards in all hands.

Pay Table Determines Wins

The other reason many online players prefer Video Poker games like All American Multihand over table Poker games is that every combination listed on the Pay Table is a guaranteed winner if it comes up on any hand. So a player playing 100 hands, for example, who gets three of a kind on the deal and holds them, is guaranteed at least that three-of-a-kind’s prize value X100, along with the chance of even better payouts for a full house or four of a kind on some hands. It’s a set bet for a set return.

In table Poker, a player could bet many times more than their initial stake to fatten up the pot for a nice Flush, only to see another Player’s Full House or Four of a Kind beat it and take the whole pot. In All American Multihand, this scenario is impossible. Players can also choose to gamble after winning hands, trying to pick a better card than the dealer’s and thus doubling the win. It’s a title that Video Poker enthusiasts could find very rewarding.