Ronnie O’Sullivans Big Break

The theme of this slot is snooker. Snooker in honour of the great player Ronnie O’ Sullivan. With an accompanying tune, good graphics and gameplay that invigorates the thrill of snooker into the online slot world. Players spin the reels against the clock in this game as part of its bonus features and can win each time the counter reaches zero.

The game is powered by IGT interactive and is therefore part of a community of top online casino slots from a leading developer in the industry. On the face of it Ronnie O’Sullivans Big Break seems to be looking good, but first a closer inspection is in order.

Playing the Snooker Reels

This is a 5 reel and 20 payline slot. The snooker theme adds a unique dimension to the slot game and incorporates more features of the game than just images on the reels. However the symbols on the reels are definitely a combination of the two gaming icons, snooker and slots.

Players will find the classic slot symbols 9 through to Ace adorned on the reels as tribute to the slots, and symbols like a triangle of red balls, chalk and the cue ball in commemoration of the snooker. The symbols are all well designed and allow the players to really latch on to the important and high earning ones. As for the range of betting, well, being an IGT slot means that a fairly broad selection of betting options will be available to the players.

Unique Selection of Bonuses

One of the stands out things about Ronnie O’Sullivans Big Break slot game is that just above the reels players will find a countdown timer starting from 4 minutes. As they spin and play the game the timer will tick down. During these cyclical phases players must aim to hit the cue ball symbol along any win line.

When this happens a break counter will climb and by the end of the 4 minute phase the number of breaks accrued reward the player with equivalent winnings. Essentially this adds a way to win while playing the standard game. The other bonus feature of the game is the Pick a Pocket bonus which is based on the Pick a Pocket bonus symbol and awards free spins if players land three on a win line. The player picks one of the three bonus symbols hit and essentially pick the pocket, revealing a certain number of free spins.

A Fun but Safe Game

The action in Ronnie O’Sullivans Big Break cannot be denied, what with countdowns and free spins constantly flowing. But the action of a game is only superseded by the trust players can put into the game and the developing group behind it. With IGT this is an easier choice, as this developer has created hundreds of games and has gained a good amount of experience in supporting and developing players for the gaming community.

Created with top software tools and by great developing teams this game can operate on many a platform and run smoothly on mobile devices too.