A List Of The Types of Horse Racing Betting Markets

As with all online sports betting, bookmakers will offer a big range of bets to entice you to place a bet on the horse racing.  Most bets offer smaller returns, but when one starts looking at accumulator bets in horse racing, the options for winning big money increase vastly.  Some can be placed for not a lot of money, but the rewards can be spectacular.

Some of the most popular wagers for horse racing, in order of lowest payoffs but biggest chances of winning are:

Show (betting on the horse finishing in first, second or third place),

Place (betting on the horse finishing first or second),

Win (for the straight winner),

Quinella (where your horses finish first or second, in either order – usually players box three horses together),

Exacta (picking the top two positions in the correct order),

Daily Double (choosing the winners for any two consecutive races),

Trifecta (picking the top three finishers in the correct order),

Pick 3 (choose the winner for three consecutive races),

Superfecta (picking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions),

Pick 4 (choose the winner for four consecutive races), and finally

Pick 6 (where your horse choices win six consecutive races).  The Pick 6 might be expensive to play, but isn’t always, but there are massive winning possibilities with a Pick 6. You certainly want to know the horse racing business to go for a Pick 6!

Incredibly Big Horse Racing Wins

Two fabulous horse racing winner stories include Craig Brazier, a UK bin cleaner who in 2014 played £2 on a Pick 6 bet.  Five other punters also guessed the six winners that afternoon correctly, and they shared the £10,740,797 rollover jackpot, taking home £1,342,599 each!

In 2008, also UK based, a man called Fred Craggs bet 50p on an eight horse accumulator bet across different races being run at Wolverhampton, Sandown Park and in Dubai.  At staggering odds of 2,000,000/1, he won and pocketed a fantastic £1,000,000.

Interesting Horse Racing Facts And Statistics

  • Betting on the favourite horses to win garners lower winnings, but they do win around 33 % of the races they compete in.
  • Give some thought to the distance that the horse has travelled to the race – owners and trainers don’t send their horses’ massive distances unless the odds are good.
  • Always look at the jockeys’ standing before placing bets – they win something near a massive 90% of the races that they ride, so arguably are almost more important than the horse.
  • The Class factor – is the horse you are betting on being upped or dropped a class? Going down a class could be very useful for you.

Sportsbooks Tips for Horse Racing

Follow the best sports betting online sites daily tips for the races, they will have expert opinion who have consulted the handicapping tip sheets, looked at all the relevant information on the horses, trainers, jockeys and owners, any public handicapper selections that are available, and the Daily Racing Form (DRF) which gives all the information on previous performances of the horses that are running the day’s races.

Listen to the live television broadcasts just prior to the game to get information on the horses’ form on the day.  They will have insider info and juicy bits of new information which could give you some new direction if you were undecided about which horse to bet on.