5 Ways Online Gambling Changed the Gambling World

Online Casino Gambling

Gambling is a time-honoured tradition in cultures from around the world – and has been a way for the average Joe to make some extra money amongst friends – be it cards, dice or strategy games. With the invention of the internet, it wasn’t long before gambling went online. Here are 5 ways it’s changed the gambling world.

  1. Betting in your PJ’s or on the Train

While casinos were portrayed as a way for the rich and famous to mingle, dine, and be entertained while spending their wealth – and winning it back in some cases – it’s a far cry from what happens nowadays in most casino’s around the world – not to mention, memberships can be pricey.

While it’s great to want to dress up a bit and enjoy some slots or a round of poker, you honestly don’t have to get out of bed nowadays to experience this. If online gambling has done anything, it’s made betting as easy as opening up your phone or smart device of choice and connecting to whichever online casino game you’re in the mood for – be it blackjack, slots or poker – and you can play from wherever you are in the world –in your pj’s on the couch, or catching a train to work.

  1. Gamification

Incentives are a great way to encourage people to change behaviours, and one of the biggest trends in the last decade is the ability to add gamification into an online portal. Whether that involves upping your walking to win awards or encouraging you to login everyday to get a free item, there are many ways online providers are enticing customers to stay loyal to them.

One of the top trends casino’s have tapped into – which has changed online gambling around the world for good, is adding in slot games with gamification elements built into it. There are now thousands of games to choose from that enable this – be it walking a pirate across to the treasure with each successful reel or rescuing a damsel in distress with a winning poker hand.

Some casino games even tap into side missions and quests as well as add boss levels to beat, with savvy players navigating these new additions with ease and showing an eagerness for more games in this vein to be released.

  1. VR Live Casinos

If you miss the experience of visiting casinos in person, online gambling dens have the cure in the form of a VR Live Casino experience. VR Live Casinos are now considered the potential future of all online casinos and the technology is almost there to make this a seamless experience. Current VR headsets are developed with motion control, while earlier models rely on a joystick.

Whichever set you own, once you’ve decided which provider you’re heading to, you’ll be able to enjoy a fully immersive experience in what will appear to be a brick and mortar casino, complete with a lobby and other gamers avatars. For many this can be an incredibly addictive experience, so regular breaks are recommended.

VR Casino Gambling

  1. Cryptocurrency and Safer Pay Outs

The intangible cryptocurrency, with its many layers of security, is a fad turned trend, turned lucrative area of business which online gambling sites have tapped into and it in turn has helped shape the gambling worlds expected pay outs.

No longer are you limited to only paying in cash or tokens at slots and tables at your local casino – instead, you can safely play with your card online and have contactless payments sent to you – which helps to avoid any potential robbery or loss. Ecommerce is a huge business, and its segue into cryptocurrency and casinos has allowed those in the online gambling sphere to improve their pay out options to players.

  1. AI Integration

With cryptocurrency ensuring that your money is safe, and VR Live Casino options improving all the time, AI is the next step in how online casinos are experienced by players. The addition of an AI element, with the potential to learn and ensure personalised preferences are front and centre for players, is key to keep clients happy. It also will be a way for technology to help track any potential gaming addictions.

The ability AI will have in order to sync your online experiences to a live casino experience, or even to a physical casino establishment, isn’t that far away – and this next step is certain to change the gambling world as we know it.

While online gambling is a great way to enjoy your favourite games like roulette from home, always remember to take breaks between sessions, and not to engage in high risk behaviour if you can’t afford it.