AWS would like to announce the new AWS58ANT Onsite Bio hazardous Waste Management System with Complete Infection Control to be installed at the new, state of the art Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth Western Australia and to commence operation in April 2015.

New state of the art Hospitals and existing Hospitals can still have their multi-million dollar infection control programs and measures compromised by unsatisfactory bio hazardous (clinical) waste management, a fact that can be overlooked or not fully considered.

Infection control risks associated with clinical waste management are eliminated by providing Hospitals with the new unique AWS ANT Onsite Bio hazardous Waste Treatment System with the following features and benefits:

  1. 1. Totally Automated untreated waste bin feed/empty/clean and disinfection System
  • No operator exposure to infection, no Hospital exposure to infection as bins are all managed Onsite with complete infection control before reintroduction into the Hospital.
  • No exposure to cross infection from offsite bins
  1. 2. Totally Automated waste treatment and treated waste maceration
  • ISO17025 certified treatment means no exposure to infection with automatic transfer to Hospitals general/recycle waste System
  1. 3. Totally automated Agitate and Turbo Air Waste effective Treatment certified to ISO17025
  • No exposure to infection in the general/recycle waste stream
  • Macerated after treatment to meet hospital requirements
  1. 4. Fully Enclosed under negative pressure with biohazard rating
  • No exposure to infection for Hospital personnel, patients or the general public
  1. 5. Extremely low carbon footprint
  • Eliminates incineration, offsite transport of bio hazardous waste and uses waste heat from hospitals’ onsite Tri/Cogeneration System

The AWS ANT System is available in Modular Form to slot into any available space in the Hospital including loading dock where bins for offsite treatment would normally be stored or on the Hospital campus.

The AWS ANT Modular System can be dropped into Infection Outbreak regions for assistance in control of Ebola and other infectious diseases.

The AWS ANT System project delivery system can be tailored to each Hospital’s requirements.